DIANA Shield

Semper Fidelis


Diana Castrillon was born in Chicago, IL and is of Guatemalan and Mexican descent.  She has been married to her husband, Harlan, for EIGHTEEN years, and has an eleven year old daughter.  She is the fourth child from a family of eight and was born with the desire to become an actress. 

At the age of three Diana would perform for friends and family members during gatherings at her home.  By thirteen, she would write, direct, and star in a school play while enrolled at Santa Maria Addolorata Catholic School.  In high school, she was given the rare opportunity to portray Maria from "West Side Story" on stage at the famous Goodman Theater in Chicago. 

After graduating from high school, Diana made a tough decision to challenge her-self in a different manner.  1998 Diana enlisted in to the United States Marine Corps and served her country honorably for four years.  She was fortunate enough to experience living in Japan for one year during her service.

Diana has continued to expand and grow her skills and talents by engaging in independent feature films, short films and industrial work.  Her ultimate goal is to work in films that create inspiration, imagination, and provoke deep emotions on personal levels.